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Trueminers Invest Limited is a profitable platform that is prepared to grow and become an investment platform to beat all others. If you have checked our roadmap you are already aware that we have long term plans for the company, and to execute these plans and successfully reach our goals, Trueminers Invest Limited will need a strong investor community behind it.

To help our platform experience faster growth towards its full potential, we have developed affiliate career opportunities for our most avid supporters and users. What this means is that we will give our users the ability to earn a substantial layer of extra income by referring the platform to new users.

Our affiliate program gives each of our members a chance to financially grow together with Trueminers Invest Limited while building this great community. At the first, novice level, associates earn 5% commission from all direct referrals, and an extra 1% commission on first three levels of passive referrals.


All members of the Trueminers Invest Limited platform are eligible to participate in the affiliate program. No special registration is necessary.


Your link

Each user registered with the Trueminers Invest Limited platform has their own personal referral link that can be found in your account dashboard, under the “Affiliate Career” title. Referral links are unique links to our website generated for every user.


When someone registers using your link, our system recognizes that and automatically adds this newly registered user to your list of direct referrals.


Build your own promotional campaign by using social network shoutouts, blog posts, forums and other methods you might prefer and invite new members to join our platform via your referral link.

Your Network

Every single one of your direct referrals will be added to your affiliate network. This means that whenever they make a deposit, you will instantly be rewarded with affiliate commission.

Passive Referrals

To take your affiliate career to the next level, we also offer passive referral commissions. Passive referrals are members that have joined using a link that belongs to a user in your affiliate network. The depth of your network will depend on your affiliate rank.

Rank up and earn

Utilize our ranking program! The program means that you will gain higher rank when you attract a certain amount of funds. Each new rank comes with multiple rewards. See the next section to read in more detail.


It is possible to kickstart your affiliate career by becoming an official representative of Trueminers Invest Limited. All official representatives receive the Professional affiliate rank. With this rank upgrade also comes an automatic direct referral commission increase to 7% and an extra level of passive referrals, making it four levels in total.

Be aware that representatives are held accountable for upholding additional responsibilities towards Trueminers Invest Limited, which we expect to be met at all times. To learn more about this opportunity and apply for the representative status, click the button below:
Become a representative